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Whilst haploid markers such as mtDNA and Y-DNA can provide clues about past population history, they only represent a single genetic locus, compared to hundreds of thousands present in nuclear, autosomes. Although autosomal analyses often sample a small number of Bulgarians, by multiple autosomes multiple ancestral lines may be traced by an individual's 21 autosomes as opposed to one identical mtDNA or Y-DNA sex chromosome, whose inheritance although clinal, demonstrates genetic drift often in statistics. Analyses of autosomal DNA markers gives the best approximation of overall 'relatedness' between populations, presenting a less skewed genetic picture compared to Y-DNA haplogroups. This auDNA data shows that there are no sharp discontinuities or clusters within the European population. Rather there exists a genetic gradient, running mostly in a southeast to northwest direction. A study compared all Slavic nations and combined all lines of evidence, autosomal , maternal and paternal, including more than people for and at least Bulgarians from previous studies, of which 13 were used for autosomal analysis right image.

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In the 19th century the emerging national consciousness in many cases received rational shape through a scientific revolution. Bilmez, A. Puto, D. The term was used to refer to any geographical, religious, class-based or color-based grouping and most frequently to lingusitic and ethnic divisions. Racial categories cannot be explained through a scientific system of classification based on biological methods.

Genetic studies on Bulgarians

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