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As Salvatore is single in the finale of season one, it is suggested that the couple was married sometime during , a span not covered by Mad Men. Though on the surface the Romanos seem happy, as more details of their marriage are shown, subtle troubles rise to the surface. During the meal, Kitty reveals that she grew up in the same neighborhood as Sal and had long harbored a crush on him. Afterwards, however, she confronts Sal, claiming he does not involve her in his life at all. Kitty raises similar complaints in season three, where she remarks on their lack of sexual contact stating "I don't require much, but I do need some tending.

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Bryan Batt Talks Sal's 'Mad Men' Fate, Hollywood's Gay Problem | HuffPost

Entertainment Television Queer Characters of 'Mad Men' Confirmed and Speculated After digesting the game-changing season finale, take a moment to reflect on the gay and lesbian characters of the 'Mad Men' universe. A gentle man with a friendly smile, Sal walked around the office swigging liquor with the boys and making jokes about the girls. When Eliot Lawrence of Bell Jolie cosmetics asks him to come up to his hotel room, Sal admitted that he wanted to but was too afraid. Hearts broke for the sweet, sad man trapped in s homophobia, and when he finally got the courage to sleep with a bellboy, he was caught in the act by his boss, Don Draper. In season 3, Sal was approached by the firm's most important client, Lee Garner Jr.

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The actor who played him gives the character a proper goodbye. That was the last time actor Bryan Batt appeared on the series, leaving many to wonder: "What happened to Sal? So we decided to give Sal the sendoff he deserves.
Late at night in the editing room Sal rebuffs the advances of Lee Garner Jr. That's not how Sal envisioned confronting his sexuality. What it boils down to is he's not going to do anything that jeopardizes his position at Sterling Cooper, but when he tried to do the right thing, he was screwed. In one way. Even Sal's brazen bedroom performance of 'Bye Bye Birdie,' complete with Ann-Margret hip shimmies, stirs only the silent suspicion of his wife.
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