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Many prospectors avoided the area after the Mount Pisgah hoax, a mini gold rush caused by salting adding gold to worthless rock. Thousands of prospectors flocked to the region, and before long Winfield Scott Stratton located the famous Independence lode , one of the largest gold strikes in history. In three years, the population increased from five hundred to ten thousand. The first occurred on April 25, destroying half of the city, including much of the business district. Four days later, another fire destroyed much of the remaining half. The city was rebuilt in a period of a few months; most historic buildings today date back to

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Sadly the Eros Theater has closed it's doors with no clear replacement in sight. We had heard rumors of the void being filled by one of the other adult establishments in town, we figured we needed to check it out! Pleasures on Platte Col. Well, I guess some could very generously call them theaters but I sure am not that guy. The booths have only curtains, no doors, apparently by ordinance, and most have glory holes.

Where are Glory Holes in Colorado Springs, Colorado?

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