Gay american idol contestants

Share 11 shares 'I'm here today to celebrate who I am and to end that era of being in the closet — because it's not fun. I'm ready. Pop star: The year-old pop star was told by Jorgie that she was an inspiration 'He doesn't know anything about me,' he admitted. Is that my signature sound?

American Idol: Jorgie comes out as gay during audition and gives Katy Perry credit for inspiration

'American Idol' Rewind: 12 LGBT stars that emerged from the cultural phenomenon

List of American Idol finalists From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigation Jump to search American Idol is an American talent reality television series that first aired in As of May , there have been seventeen seasons. Each season, the final round of competition features ten to thirteen singers. A total of contestants have reached the finals of their season. The show's age requirements have varied year-to-year. Of the finalists, 55 of them were under the age of 20, including three winners and five runners-up.

Gay 'American Idol' Contestant Performs 'Landslide' For Parents Who Don't Accept Him

Sure, gay icons like Elton John, disco giants and the wonderful world of Disney have all been honored, and Adam Lambert who was the runner-up in season eight almost won the title, but the reality TV show — a juggernaut in the rating for its first decade — always seemed to reel us into its magic, whether as viewers or as vying contestants. Others have used Idol as a launch pad into other artistic endeavors and industries. He was the most consistent and refrained from being in the bottom week after week.

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