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And, as a former LPGA golfer, I was afraid of falling into the stereotype that many people have of female athletes: that the circuit is filled with women hooking up with each other. Golf is a hard sport to be out in. I never saw a mention of Pride Month. No rainbows. No sign of support for gay players on tour or the fans who cheer for them. They have relationships with large corporate sponsors, and their fanbase is for the most part, conservative.

List of LGBT sportspeople

LPGA LGBT Heroine Muffin Spencer-Devlin - San Francisco Bay Times | San Francisco Bay Times

There is a golf tournament in town and thousands of women have arrived, but not to watch the sport. Much to the chagrin of the tournament's organiser, the LPGA, and its sponsor Nabisco, this elite event has become a sapphic debauch writ large, as lesbians from all over America converge in the desert for the Dinah Shore Classic. Television personality Dinah Shore, a keen golfer and sports fan whose other claim to fame was a six-year affair with Burt Reynolds , started the tournament in , putting her name and money into the then grossly underfunded LPGA, when female golfers earned a pittance in comparison to the men and were rarely covered on TV. Because Shore was a big Hollywood name, she was able to get friends in the business to give their support, and the event took off as her presence attracted all-important sponsors. She also attracted women, despite not being gay herself, although the lesbian nation likes to claim her as a sister.

LPGA LGBT Heroine Muffin Spencer-Devlin

A 3-time winner and year veteran on the LPGA Tour , Muffin became the first professional golfer to come out — in Sports Illustrated magazine, in ! Today she has become a master glass artist, living in Laguna, CA, and is happy with who she is, what she does, and how she is living her life. She is so open and honest, thinks outside the box and has such a real heart. Jamie Leno Zimron: When did you realize you were gay?

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